The Grading Game

The Grading Game: Find typos and grammar errors and pay down your student debt! Reform run-on sentences, correct capitalizations, and mark misspellings. How good is your editorial eye?

Learn all sorts of interesting and unusual things as you grade papers on more than 100 fascinating topics!

  • The arcade QUICKPLAY mode presents increasingly difficult levels as players race for cash to pay down their student loans.
  • The CAREER mode offers a topic-by-topic progression through an academic career, with unlockable levels and multiple stage types.
  • Players can hone their skills in the PRACTICE mode, where they can focus on a specific kind of error, on a specific type of level.
  • Errors are generated randomly, drawn from the most statistically common mistakes found by copyeditors. Uncaught errors are promoted, and caught errors are omitted to keep the challenge fresh!
  • More than 100 levels, ranging from illegal numbers to Kim Jong Il’s hairstyle!
  • Addictive, casual gameplay — levels take approximately 30-45 seconds, and the game can be played while holding onto the bus!

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