Word Fireworks: learn to read and write a new language...with fireworks! When it comes to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Hebrew, learning a new alphabet can be quite a challenge. Word Fireworks makes it fun and easy by initiating you into these languages with quick, insightful lessons and gorgeous fireworks. Speed through sprint levels, survive listening stages, and conquer confusion-clearing challenges to launch your very own fireworks show! Unlock more than a hundred different kinds of fireworks, from the chrysanthemum to the donut-kebab. Or use your creative flair to make your very own custom firework design!


In 2014, the concept of Word Fireworks was born from a passion for particle systems and a new-found interest in learning Korean. The scope of the game quickly grew from a mini-game restricted to the Korean alphabet to a full-blown language learning experience across four different languages. Word Fireworks was finally released on Android and iOS in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew in Q4 2015.


  • Learn to read and write Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Hebrew
  • Male and female voice recordings for just about every word
  • Randomly generated questions that adjust to your learning pace
  • Expert-created learning material
  • Gorgeous presentation -- everything sparkles and blows up
  • No ads, no in-app purchases, no logins!--just a beautiful game
  • Available for free for its launch week!


Word Fireworks: Learn Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Hebrew! YouTube

Word Fireworks: Korean [App Preview, iPad] YouTube

Word Fireworks: Chinese [App Preview, iPad] YouTube

Word Fireworks: Japanese [App Preview, iPad] YouTube

Word Fireworks: Hebrew [App Preview, iPad] YouTube

Word Fireworks: Korean [App Preview] Vimeo

Word Fireworks: Chinese [App Preview] Vimeo

Word Fireworks: Japanese [App Preview] Vimeo

Word Fireworks: Hebrew [App Preview] Vimeo


Word Fireworks Korean.png
Word Fireworks Launcher.png
Word Fireworks Chinese-2.png
Word Fireworks.png
Word Fireworks Hebrew-1.png
Word Fireworks Custom Fireworks.png
Word Fireworks Chinese 2.png
Word Fireworks Korean-2.png
Word Fireworks Korean-1.png
Word Fireworks Japanese-1.png
Word Fireworks Chinese-1.png
Word Fireworks Japanese Map.png
Word Fireworks Hebrew.png
Word Fireworks Map.png
Word Fireworks Japanese Writing.png
Word Fireworks Japanese.png
Word Fireworks Korean 2.png
Word Fireworks Chinese.png


Selected Articles

  • " Although I love learning languages, I had previously been unable to find a sufficient app for learning Japanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, or Korean. Then I was introduced to Word Fireworks, a learning app that teaches you a language with fun gameplay that I’ve found to be absolutely addicting. "
    - Conner Carey, iPhoneLife
  • "Word Fireworks' App Makes It Fun To Learn A New Language With Characters Such As '圣诞节快乐!'"
    - Horia Ungureanu, TechTimes

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Designer/Developer, mode of expression, LLC

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